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Ibu (not June). 18. Missouri.

Premed/ healthcare admin undergrad student. I'm getting my butt kicked but that's okay.
I have to get into medical school somehow

You can look in the upper right-hand corner for some tabs and other things

What, no, come back

littlejumpingturtle replied to your post: Claudia Jean Cregg is so goddamn impor…

I wish I could like this more times


Cute PAs are jeopardizing my life

And for the person or bot in Cali who visits my blog like 10 times every day even when I don’t post anything. Please stop

Claudia Jean Cregg is so goddamn important

me:*washes my hands before and after I use your shower*


Me as a good friend: *supports and encourages ur hoe activities*

BREAKING: f(x) Sulli to take break from entertainment industry; f(x) to end all promotions



SM Entertainment has announced that f(x) Sulli has decided to take a break from the entertainment industry due to hateful comments and rumors .

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Sakurai: idk lucina why should u be in smash



Sakurai: holy shit



what do you call an actress who is bad at golf

Carey Mulligan


I wish there was a nice environmentally healthy alternative to flies existing on this god forsaken earth